Rights and Licenses

You can buy rights or licenses for Artokoloro books and images.
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We will be available at the London Bookfair 14-16 March 2017, Beijing International Bookfair 23-27 August , the Frankfurt Bookfair 11-15 October 2017. If you would like to meet please send us an email, so we can make an appointment.

Available rights.

  • Lost Garden by Pippa Rossi, coloring book
  • Lost Birds by Pippa Rossi, coloring book
  • Spiritual Healing by Lucy Levita, coloring book
  • The Art of Botanicals Coloring Book by Artokoloro editors
  • Future New Yorkers of the Past
  • China luxury of Centuries

All visual content from the Lost Garden, Lost Birds, Magical Ships and The Art of Botanicals Coloring Book can be licensed for various purposes. Magazine, newspaper, audio, television, motion picture (including props/set dressing), radio, dramatic, public readings, electronic reproduction, packaging, websites, billboards, skin, textiles, glass, fabrics, lighting, fashion, cars, iphone aps, editorial, furniture, security gates, handbags, ceramics and other formats. It’s not possible to buy a license from an individual image for the use in a book or ebook.

License our images for publication.

The Liszt Collection with over two million art, culture and historical, editorial and creative stock images. Art, Places, Portraits, Travel, Science, Inventions, Animals & Plants, Maps, Fairy Tales & Legends, Cartoon Characters, Countries, Authors, Composers, Music…. We license our content through Picture Libraries worldwide.

If you want to license our images or if you want to represent the Liszt Collection please contact us.