About us

Over 65 years of independent publishing, bookselling, art dealing and selling rights. We have a reputation in selling rights of art, culture and history images. We are the owners of the Liszt Collection with over one million original images, which we license and publish. We are partners of the main Picture Libraries like Getty Images, Bridgeman Art, Alamy, Album-Online Spain, Topfoto UK, Alimdi Germany, AKG images, Rue des Archive, Photo 12, Superstock, B&W Poland, Superstock USA, and many others.

We publish ebooks under the Sepia Times imprint with titles such as, The Crimean War: War Photos by Roger Fenton, Degas by Andrew Willis, The Imagination of Dickens David Copperfield in 45 Illustrations: The World of Charles Dickens by Richard Allen, Whitefriars: Appointment in London (Memories of London Book 2) by Michael Lane, Degas Drawings by Andrew Willis, Toulouse-Lautrec by Andrew Willis, Aunt Mathilde’s 30 American Bread Recipes, American Scenes in Everyday Life in Historic Photos (Memories of America) by Thomas Taylor and New York: Bird’s-eye Views by Thomas Taylor.

Under several imprints we published over 500 history titles in various European countries.

Artokoloro is publishing and selling rights of art and culture books. New titles are the adult coloring books Lost Garden and Lost Birds both by Pippa Rossi. Other autumn 2015 books are, The Spiritual Healing Coloring Book by Lucy Levita and The Art of Botanicals Coloring Book. 2016 titles are for example China, Luxury of Centuries and Future New Yorkers of the Past. Our books are published by Macmillan, Rabén & Sjögren, Shanghai Art Publishers and many others in USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Romania, Vietnam, China and Sweden.